Cacao Ceremony & Concert by Jennifer Ann

13 dec 2019 19:30
EdanZ - van Oldenbarneveltlaan 6, Groningen
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Een bijzondere Vrijdag de 13e 
Cacao Ceremonie & Concert door Jennifer Ann

We zijn blij & enthousiast Jennifer Ann te mogen verwelkomen in Groningen! 

Jennifer Ann, singer-song writer en ceremonieleidster, reist de hele wereld rond om op haar unieke wijze en met haar warme stem ceremonies te leiden en een ieder met hart en ziel toe te zingen. 
Voor deze Vrijdag de 13e gaat ze ons verrassen met haar speciaal gebrouwen cacao en neemt ze je mee op een hart-openende reis.

ervaar ~ geniet ~ zit ~ lig ~ zing ~ dans ~ beweeg ~ voel


Vrijdag 13 december

EdanZ (van Oldenbarneveltlaan 6)

19.30 - 22.30 uur

Bijdrage: € 31,-


A very special Friday the 13th


Cacao Ceremony & Concert by Jennifer Ann


We are very pleased to welcome Jennifer Ann to Groningen! 

Jennifer Ann, singer-song writer and ceremony leader,  travels around the world to lead ceremonies in her unique way and with to sing to everyone with heart and soul with her warm voice.
For this Friday the 13th she will surprise us with her specially brewed cacao and she will take you on a heart-opening journey where you will get in touch with yourself.

experience ~ enjoy ~ sing ~ dance ~ lie ~ sit ~ move~ feel


Friday 13th of December

EdanZ (van Oldenbarneveltlaan 6)

19.30 - 22.30 h

Contribution: € 31,-




Jennifer Ann is a musician, certified yoga teacher, public speaker, travelpreneur, coach and certified breath practitioner as well.

Born in the USA (1984, Jacksonville, Arkansas) and raised in The Netherlands, Jennifer Ann has always been searching for the magical unknown. Through the art of theatre she became aware that we are spiritual beings, having a human experience on earth.
Realizing this, she started to move more towards different spiritual teachings. Over the past twelve years she has been educating herself in Shamanism, Yoga, Buddhism, meditation and more. During her first yoga training she discovered the art of mantra singing and how sound can bring profound healing. Now she is researching and building bridges between traditional mantra music (India), western music and shamanic chants (South- and North America). With her soulful voice and blending of rhythms and instruments she is rediscovering the path of the ancestors, bringing this sacred knowledge back to life, while building new relations between eastern and western worlds.
She is now nominated and has won 2 “public voting” Awards of the “Peace Song Award” in the USA for 2 songs of her new album “Urban Shamanism”.




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